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Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash Cover

Hey Ho Tabacco City Temanggung!

Thanx for coming out and having a blast with us last night.

Thanx to our new friends from Prison of Blues for drinking with us and driving us to the next venue in Kudus.

and thank you Nela for sending us this short clip from the soundcheck ?

see you again soon


Semarang was great.

Thx 2 the Gathel Rude & Riot Crew.

Thx 2 Ari and Adi from Semarang Ska Foundation aka Semarang Ska Fest and The Love Lovers for accommodation and hospitality.

Thx for all the bands who’s playing with us and for all the fun…

Thx 2 Donald Duck Rockabilly for lending the upright bass.

and last but not least

thx 2 the lovely crowd. You were amazing ❤️


Hey Ho Semarang,

we’re warming up in the Tattoo Shop from Gathel, Rude & Riot for the Show  in Grand Charly tonight.

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